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Welcome to Canyon REO— the Grand Canyon River Equipment Outfitter of choice for trip leaders and permit holders.

We have earned a worldwide reputation for our excellent equipment, varied and flexible menu choices, generous portions of delicious food, on-time, comfortable shuttles and outstanding customer service.

For more than two decades, Canyon REO has helped thousands of trip leaders plan and outfit private river trips on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon and on other rivers in the U.S. We've created systems just for private boaters, based on our own experiences as private boaters in Grand Canyon. Our staff works hard to relieve the stress and hassle of expedition planning. Whether you’re an experienced trip leader or a first-timer, our professional outfitting, customized packing and customer service will help you have a true vacation and avoid the chaos and confusion over rafts and other gear, packing food and arranging shuttles.

Let the Canyon REO family help you and your crew enjoy the magic of your Colorado River adventure—rafting and kayaking the river with the best of friends—testing out skills at Crystal or Lava Falls, — hiking the side canyons or the Little Colorado, Deer Creek and Matkatamiba—Get soaked at Elves Chasm—and watch a full moon light up the inner gorge from a sandy beach.

Explore our website and give us a call us to arrange your next Grand adventure!

About the Canyon REO Team

We’re committed to giving you the best service possible, and that wouldn’t be possible without our great team. These are the people who make Canyon REO tick, and make us a great choice for outfitting your trip, whether you’re looking for an all inclusive Deluxe, or just need a few items to round out your trip, REO is here to help make your trip happen.

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Canyon REO Employee Favorites


Favorite Hike: Any place I haven’t seen before
Favorite Rapid: Hance
Favorite Camp: Anywhere warm and under the stars


Favorite Hike: Tapeats Creek/Thunder River
Favorite Rapid: High water- Hermit and at Low water - Roaring 20’s
Favorite Camp: With my wife at any big sandy beach and a wet hike nearby


Favorite Hike: Anywhere between LCR and Crash Canyon (plane site is amazing) or Redwall Cavern for the climbing.
Favorite Camp: Nankoweap for that December sun
Favorite Rapid: Sockdolager or Deubendorf


Favorite Hike: Havasu or Travertine Falls
Favorite Rapid: Hiking around Lava
Favorite Camp: Upper Ledges


Favorite Hike: Matkatamiba
Favorite Rapid: the waves of Hermit
Favorite Camp: No Name camp for a very small group river left above National, or Pancho’s Kitchen

More suggestions for great places to explore:

There are so many great places in the Canyon. With luck and curiosity, every time you go you’ll discover someplace new and have a different experience of the places you’ve been before. Here are a few more suggestions with photos of some of our other favorite places in the Canyon.

Good Summer Hikes

Silver Grotto
Shinumo Wash
Tapeats Creek
Deer Creek
Elves Chasm

Good Winter Hikes

Unkar Delta
Tapeats Creek (sunny but wet)
Granite Park

Warm Winter Camps

Any camp after Lava Falls

Archeological sites

Above Tanner rapid, river right, visit the throne chair, pottery shards, Anasazi dwellings

Best Foul Weather Camp

Pancho’s Kitchen

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Canyon REO
P.O. Box 3493
Flagstaff, AZ 86003

Shipping Address
Canyon REO
1619 N. East Street
Flagstaff, AZ

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