Only get what you need, only pay for what you need – Go A La Carte!

All prices listed are PER DAY, unless otherwise specified.

Minimum total rental of $100, or combined with a REO Package.

Canyon REO Long Term Equipment Rental
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Only get what you need, only pay for what you need – Go A La Carte!

All prices listed are PER DAY, unless otherwise specified.

Long term rentals are 10 days or more. The prices below do not apply to short term rentals of 9 days or less.

Minimum total rental of $100, or combined with a REO Package.

Prices assume pick up and return to our warehouse, although REO will deliver and pick up rental items for an additional charge, or in conjunction with shuttle services with a REO Package.

If you don’t see it on the list please ask. Some of the equipment listed is reserved for our clients who are also purchasing a package deal such as coolers, aluminum boxes, kitchen gear, throw bags, and barrel pumps. Please call to ensure availability.

Be sure to visit our Pricing & Policies page for further information about costs.

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Gear List

  • Watercraft
    • Raft Package
      20' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Expedition$52.00Day
      18' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Expedition$52.00Day
      18' Oar Raft PackageHyside - Outfitter$52.00Day
      17.6' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Hualapai$52.00Day
      16' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Expedition$52.00Day
      14' Oar Raft PackageMaxxon - SB-430$52.00Day
      • Click to view list of items included with each Raft Package
      Raft Only
      20' RaftNRS - Expedition$35.00Day
      18' RaftNRS - Expedition$35.00Day
      18' RaftHyside - Outfitter$35.00Day
      17.6' RaftNRS - Hualapai$35.00Day
      16' RaftNRS - Expedition$35.00Day
      14' RaftMaxxon - SB-430$35.00Day
      Raft Accessories
      Drag Bag - $.50Day
      Oar: 11', 10.5', 10' - $1.50Day
      Two bladed Paddle - $1.00Day
      One bladed paddle - $.50Day
      Main Frame - $15.00Day
      Trailer Frame w/ drop bag - $4.00Day
      Barrel Pump - $2.00Day
      Paddle Rafts
      16' Paddle RaftNRS - Expedition$35.00Day
      14' Paddle RaftMaxxon - SB-430$35.00Day
      Hard Shell Kayaks
      Hard Shell KayakWavesport - Diesel 80$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakWavesport - ZG54$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakWavesport - X$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - Remix 79$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - Remix 69$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - CR125$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - CR250$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - Stomper 80$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - Stomper 90$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - Flying Squirrel 85$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakDagger - Axiom 8.5$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakDagger - GT 7.5$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakDagger - GT 7.8$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakDagger - RPM$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakJackson - Super Fun$15.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakJackson - Super Star$15.00Day

      * Price is for rental of kayak only and does not include paddle, helmet, or spray skirt.

      * Some older hard shell kayak models are available at discounted rates. Call for more information.

      Expedition Kayaks
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - XP 10$35.00Day
      Hard Shell KayakLiquid Logic - Stinger$35.00Day

      * Rental includes Expedition Kayak and Immersion Research Sprayskirt.

      Duckies /Inflatable Kayak
      Duckies /Inflatable KayakMaxxon - MK-1205$20.00Day
      Duckies /Inflatable KayakAire - Tomcat$20.00Day
      Paddle Boards
      Stand Up Paddle BoardNRS$15.00Day
  • Safety Equipment
    • Safety Equipment
      PFD (S - XXXL) - $25.00Flat
      Throw Cushion - $.50Day
      Throw Bag/Rope - $.50Day
      Major First Aid Kit - $3.50Day
      Minor First Aid Kit - $2.50Day
      Satellite Phone (Not available as stand-alone rental) - $12.00Day
      Signal Panels & Mirror - $25.00Flat
      Fire Blanket - $30.00Flat

      Click to View/Download Major Medical Kit Contents List

  • Kitchen & Camp
  • Boxes & Coolers
    • Boxes & Coolers
      Kitchen Dry Box - $2.50Day
      Captain's Dry Box - $1.75Day
      Ammo Cans - 20 mil - $.50Day
      Ammo Cans - 30 mil - $.50Day
      Cooler - $4.00Day
  • Toilets
    • Toilets
      Toilet (Groover) - $2.00Day
      Toilet Supplies - $65.00Flat

      * Our toilet system is a standard 25 mil rocket box. Rental includes a custom fitted seat inside a separate box. Estimate 60 uses for each toilet. There is also a $24 per can cleaning fee.

  • Personal Accessories
    • Personal Accessories
      Rice Bags - $1.00Each
      Dry Bag - 3.8 cubic footNRS - Bills' Bag$25.00Flat
      Guitar BagJack's Plastic$35.00Flat
      Paco Pad 2" or 3"Jack's Plastic$45.00Flat
      Camp Chairs - $20.00Flat
      Umbrella with Mount - $35.00Flat

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