$925.00 per person *

* We recently quoted this to a 16 person group for a 16 day trip with five rafts. That's less than $58 per person per day. We have outfitted thousands of Grand Canyon trips, and we realize that each trip is different and we love working with our customers to give them their unique Canyon experience. We always go the extra miles to give you the trip of your dreams. Call or email us for your custom quote.

Deluxe Outfitting Package
Enjoy your vacation and let us do the work

You’ve won a permit! Congrats! Canyon REO’s Deluxe Package contains everything you need to make your Canyon experience simple and enjoyable. We take care of the boats, food, and shuttle for you. Enjoy your vacation and let us do the work.

With this package, you can jump into the rafts and head downriver. We provide river ready boats that meet all Park Service requirements, delicious meals, shuttles customized to meet your needs, and a Deluxe Kitchen set up complete with commissary and utensils box. First Aid kits, repair kits, water jugs, firepan and blanket, everything you could need is included with this package. The toilets are also included as well as all the supplies and disposables.

With our many years of experience we have created the most comprehensive, time-tested expedition package you can buy. We’ve created this package for private boaters in the Grand Canyon. Our family-style approach and personal customer service are what we’re known for. We provide an overnight rigger with each Deluxe group to assist in answering any last minute questions and to help out with anything you may need prior to your launch.

The Deluxe Package is for any group that wants a fully outfitted trip. For the do-it-yourselfers we recommend checking out our Food and Shuttle or Canyon Gear Packages.

Be sure to visit our Pricing & Policies page for further information about costs.

What's Included?

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  • Rafts
    • Canyon REO’s premium rafts are fully-equipped, top-of-the line NRS or Hyside Hypalon™ oar boats with all gear and rigging. Paddle rafts are also available for rent. The frames will be rigged with drop bags or open bays as required for your specific food pack.

      Each Raft will be rigged with the following:

      • Self-bailing hypalon raft
      • Main frame of diamond plate aluminum with center floor
      • Four Sawyer counter-balanced hybrid oars (fiberglass shaft with ash blade)
      • Oarlocks (pins substituted if requested)
      • Cooler cover provided for each cooler (See Kitchen, coolers & cans on invoice)
      • Trailer frame as needed to carry food & gear
      • Padded deck cover provided for any metal surface used for a passenger's seat
      • Rear beaver board deck in each raft as needed for carrying food & gear
      • Frame straps
      • Loads of equipment straps - As many as you need
      • Heavy duty drag bag
      • Minor repair kit (patch materials & tools)
      • Minor first aid kit
      • Throw bag/rope (75 foot)
      • Type IV throw cushion
      • Bowline
      • Sternline
      • Barrel pump (1 per every 3 rafts)
      • Sand stake (1 per every 3 rafts)
  • Play Boats
    • Every Deluxe Outfitted Canyon REO Package includes one free play boat. In addition to inflatable kayaks, and a stand-up paddle board, we have a huge selection of hardshell kayaks. If your group is extra adventurous, additional play boats are offered at discounted prices.

      We have the following play boats to choose from:

      + Hard Shell Kayaks
      --- Wavesport: Diesel 80
      --- Wavesport: ZG54
      --- Wavesport: X
      --- Liquid Logic: Remix 79
      --- Liquid Logic: CR125
      --- Liquid Logic: CR250
      --- Liquid Logic: Stomper 80
      --- Liquid Logic: Stomper 90
      --- Liquid Logic: Flying Squirrel 85
      --- Liquid Logic: XP 10
      --- Liquid Logic: Stinger
      --- Dagger: Axiom 8.5
      --- Dagger: GT 7.5
      --- Dagger: GT 7.8
      --- Dagger: RPM
      --- Jackson: Super Fun
      --- Jackson: Super Star

      + Duckies /Inflatable Kayaks
      --- Maxxon: MK-1205
      --- Aire: Tomcat

      + NRS Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Food Pack
    • At Canyon REO we combine our love of the river with our love of great food.

      Canyon REO will work with you to customize and create your own menu from our extensive list of recipes. Each food pack is customized for your group and we take care of all the shopping and packing for you. Using our outfitter-grade coolers combined with our solid (no air) block ice, and expert packing abilities will ensure you have fresh tasty meals everyday of your trip. This package also includes the charcoal and propane needed to prepare all of these delicious meals.

      We appreciate fresh fruit and veggies with our river lunches, the smell of shish kebabs sizzling over coals, the taste of dutch oven brownies when they’re still warm and slightly gooey, and half & half in our fresh, gourmet coffee. In our twenty-plus years of experience as private boaters we have developed menus and kitchen systems that work to meet the special needs of private boaters.

      We also understand that food preferences vary. We have accommodated common and uncommon food allergies, and plenty of vegetarian and organic food preferences.

      Have a look at our Food Pack Page to learn more about our amazing food packs.

      Sample Menus

  • Deluxe Kitchen
    • Our kitchen equipment and systems have been tested and refined during hundreds of river trips, and thousands of hours cooking on the river. We make sure that everything you'll need to prepare food is included, clean, and in excellent working order. We provide general instructions for setup and use, if necessary.

      On the river, there is no "right" and "wrong" way to do things. There are ways that work, and ways that don't. Our kitchens include sufficient equipment to get you started, with the flexibility to organize things the way that works best for your group.

      Click to view/download Deluxe Kitchen contents list

  • Safety Equipment
  • Toilet & Handwash
    • Our toilet system is a standard 25 mil rocket box. Rental includes a custom fitted seat inside a separate box. Toilet supplies and disposables are also included with your Deluxe Outfitting Package.

      Includes 2 Wishy-Washy Handwash Stations, per NPS requirements.

  • Shuttles
    • Canyon REO provides one-stop, stress-free shuttle choices for Grand Canyon Colorado River rafters. There are many ways to set up shuttles – shuttling personal vehicles, changing pickup/drop off locations, or even a little bit of both.

      Depending on your group needs we include a number of shuttle options to help get you to and from the river and anywhere in between. Whether you choose a group shuttle, transporting you and your group in our vehicles, or a vehicle shuttle, where we transport your vehicles to and from the river, or a mix of both, we can accommodate you needs. We will work with you to figure out the most convenient and cost effective shuttle scenario for you and your group based on where people are coming from and going to.

      Have a look at our Shuttles page to learn more about our shuttles.

  • Miscellaneous Rental Items
    • In addition to your deluxe package you may be interested in some of these extras

      + PFDs - $25 flat rate

      + Personal Dry Bags - $25 flat rate

      * The time-tested NRS Bill’s Bag has been a dependable piece of boating gear for more than thirty years! Deluxe packages include two dry bags to store tents.

      + Guitar Bag - $ 35.00 flat rate

      * Jack’s Plastic Welding Guitar Bag is made to fit a regular guitar in its original hardcase. (Holds 6 cu ft, and measures 19” diameter x 51” tall, when filled full and rolled down to maximum volume.) We recommend that the guitar be placed in the bag with the neck down, and that you place a sleeping bag in with your guitar. Putting the guitar case in upside down allows a broader surface area to close against.

      + Paco Pads - $45 flat rate

      + Camp Chairs - $15 flat rate

      + Umbrella with mount - $ 35 flat rate

  • Deluxe Services
    • Canyon REO has been outfitting private boaters on the Colorado River for over 20 years and we have outfitted thousands of Canyon trips in that time. We realize that one size does not fit all and we welcome trip customizations to give you the trip of your dreams. Our staff prides itself on outstanding attentive personal service whether you’re an experienced Canyon boater or a first-timer.

      We are happy to offer these additional services to our Deluxe Customers:

      + Unlimited Personal Service - Phone & Email - Tips, Tricks and Advice
      + Overnight Rigger - Stays until NPS Orientation Day of Your Launch
      + Hotel Pick Up on Orientation Day
      + Hotel Drop Off on Take-out Day
      + Storage of Gear Shipped to our Warehouse Prior to Trip
      + Suitcase, Duffel and Gear Storage While on River
      + Insulated Coffee Mug for Every Trip Member
      + Woven Polypro Bags for Beer, Wine & Soda Storage

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