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At Canyon REO we have worked hard to earn our reputation as the food people. We are the best on the river and it shows. Combining our love of the river with our love of great food, our food philosophy has evolved around the principles of:

1. Making sure each person in the group has plenty of good food that they can eat
2. Ease of preparation on the river
3. Packed to last for your entire trip

Pick from our preset menus based on REO’s Favorites or build your own menu from hundreds of our recipes.

Your menu can be as gourmet or as minimalist as you like and we always take into account allergies and food restrictions. Give us a call and we will tell you more about what makes our food pack so incredible.

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  • Food Pack System
    • REO was the first to use the Pack By Camp system in the Grand Canyon. Now an industry standard, Pack By Camp organization allows you to quickly and easily find what is needed for each meal without accidentally using ingredients planned for a future camp. A camp starts with dinner, followed by breakfast in the morning and lunch items for the next day packed in a separate lunch cooler.

  • Dry Pack
    • The non-perishable ingredients for each camp are packed in one rocket box, along with the recipes for that camp’s meals. The recipe sheets include detailed preparation instructions as well as a shopping list where each item is found – camp box, camp cooler, produce cooler, bread box. Once emptied, the rocket box becomes a trash box.

  • Fresh Pack & Coolers
    • REO packs the perishable food in one of three types of coolers – camp, produce, and lunch coolers. The camp coolers have all perishable items for the camps (other than produce) packed by camp and meal. Each food item is vacuum sealed or double bagged to prevent any cross contamination. The produce cooler contains all the perishable produce, lettuce, mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini, etc. The lunch cooler is packed with all the food and utensils needed for your first day’s lunch. Each morning this cooler will need to be restocked with the food required for lunch later in the day. The utensils and cutting boards that start out in the lunch cooler should stay with that cooler, after a washing at camp each night.

  • Staples & Spices
    • These are two important boxes that groups carry up to camp every night. They have lots of items that allow you to personalize your meals. A list of contents is on the inside of each box so you can see at a glance what it contains. The Staples Box contains the oils, vinegars, hot sauces, garlic, sugar and baking essentials.

      The goal is to make your life as easy as possible on the river, while still enjoying great flavorful food.

      • View Staples Box Contents
        • Olive Oil
        • Vegetable Oil
        • Pam Spray
        • Garlic (Fresh)
        • Crushed Garlic
        • Balsamic Vinegar
        • Cider Vinegar
        • Sherry Cooking Wine
        • Red Wine or Rice Vinegar
        • Salt
        • Ketchup
        • Lemon Juice
        • Soy Sauce
        • Worcestershire Sauce
        • Hot Sauce
        • Aluminum Foil
        • Baking Powder
        • Baking Soda
        • Bouillon Cubes
        • Corn Meal
        • Brown Sugar
        • Equal or Splenda
        • Flour
        • Granulated Sugar
        • Non Dairy Creamer
        • Popcorn
        • Powdered Milk
        • Powdered Sugar
        • Coffee
        • Cornstarch
        • Bisquick
        • Tea & Cocoa
        • Teriyaki Sauce
      • View Spice Box Contents
        • Basil
        • Bay Leaves
        • Cayenne
        • Chili Powder
        • Chives
        • Cilantro
        • Cinnamon
        • Cloves
        • Cumin
        • Curry
        • Crushed Red Pepper
        • Dill Weed
        • Garlic Powder
        • Ginger
        • Italian Herbs
        • Lawry's Seasoned Salt
        • Lemon Pepper
        • Mrs Dash
        • Nutmeg
        • Onion Powder
        • Oregano
        • Paprika
        • Parsley
        • Pepper
        • Rosemary
        • Salt
        • Tarragon
        • Thyme
        • Vanilla
  • Produce
    • Our produce is primarily purchased from a locally owned Farmer’s Market, and delivered to us as fresh as can be one day prior to your launch. We pack the softer, more perishable produce in the produce cooler. Other vegetables and fruit, such as tomatoes, onions, apples, melons, etc. are packed in crates. Tomatoes and avocadoes are ordered and packed so that they will ripen as you go down river. If maintained properly, many trips still have fresh produce on day 16 to 18. Some of the harder produce such as butternut squash and cabbage can last until day 24!

      Organic produce: Let us know if your group is interested in organic produce and we will work with you. More stores in Flagstaff now have organic produce available, although we are still working on issues such as reliability of the supply, longevity of the produce, and cost. There is an upcharge for organic produce, and final cost will be determined based on your group’s choices.

  • Ice
    • We make our own ice on site, and it is glacially hard. This, along with our top of the line coolers and innovative packing system means that even in July you will have ice in your last cooler at the end of your trip.

  • Coolers
    • We use only the best (NRS, Engle, Blackrock, and IceKool) 150 to 210 quart coolers available to ensure longevity of food. If properly maintained these coolers will provide you with fresh food for the duration of your trip.

  • Dietary Needs & Allergies
    • Just because you are in the Grand Canyon does not mean you need to compromise when it comes to your food choices. We work with you to take into account any allergies or dietary requests, no matter how complex. We have successfully packed for trips containing several different allergies and/or dietary needs. One of our standard menus starts from the premise that your group has both meat and vegetarian eaters. Our food room is also stocked with many gluten free items, including crackers and pasta.

      As with organic produce, organic dry goods, grass fed meats and free range eggs are now more available in Flagstaff. Let us know how organic/sustainable you want your food pack to be and we will let you know the additional cost. Some groups want as much organic food as possible, but others choose a couple areas to focus on – such as cage free eggs, organic milk, or grass-fed beef.

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