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* We recently quoted this to a 16 person group for a 16 day trip. We have outfitted thousands of Grand Canyon trips, and we realize that each trip is different and we love working with our customers to give them their unique Canyon experience. We always go the extra miles to give you the trip of your dreams. Call or email us for your custom quote.

Sample Menus

The Food & Shuttle Package
River guide and gear-head favorite.

Known around here as the FSP. Canyon REO’s Food and Shuttle Package (FSP) is designed for river runners who prefer to bring their own boats and equipment, but who haven’t the time nor inclination to shop and pack a large quantity of food.

The FSP includes Food, Shuttles and Toilets for your Grand Canyon trip and allows you to bring your own rafts and dories. We work hard with each “Captain” to ensure all of Canyon REO’s coolers and boxes will fit in their personal rafts. We have a number of cooler sizes and can configure each food pack to meet the requirements or limitations of each specific raft through our careful boat mapping process. If you own a cooler you like and it fits perfectly in your raft, we will also accept cooler shipments, and can pack directly into your coolers.

Canyon REO will help you with the menu planning, and then we will shop and pack the food by camp in our boxes and coolers. We also provide the toilet system and the shuttle of your choice, plus we will deliver and pick up the gear.


Canyon REO provides one-stop, stress-free shuttle choices for Grand Canyon Colorado River rafters. There are many ways to set up shuttles – shuttling personal vehicles, changing pickup/drop off locations, or even a little bit of both.

Depending on your group needs we include a number of shuttle options to help get you to and from the river and anywhere in between. Whether you choose a group shuttle, transporting you and your group in our vehicles, or a vehicle shuttle, where we transport your vehicles to and from the river, or a mix of both, we can accommodate you needs. We will work with you to figure out the most convenient and cost effective shuttle scenario for you and your group based on where people are coming from and going to.

Have a look at our Shuttles page to learn more about our shuttles.

Menu Service and Food Pack

We offer many delicious and healthy selections. Canyon REO has the reputation for the best food on the river. Plus there is plenty of it, even with active kayakers and marathon hikers aboard! After you sign up for our services, we send you REO’s Menu Planner, which includes meal choices and planning assistance. You can choose from one of our tried and tested menus, or choose from the hundreds of recipes from our collection. We also accommodate groups that include both vegetarian and meat eaters. If you have allergies, no problem, just let us know and we will be sure to accommodate you. We can also provide organic options for an additional cost.

Have a look at our Food Pack page to learn more about our food services.

Fresh Food and Ice in Coolers

The amount of fresh food (up to 15 days) is directly related to the size and number of coolers your rafts can carry. The bigger your coolers, the more fresh food you can carry and the longer it lasts! If you carry 4 or more 178 quart coolers, ice can last as long as 18 days, with proper cooler maintenance.

Spices and Staples

Canyon REO provides a spice kit and a staples box with your Food Pack. They are loaded with spices, oils, sauces and baking items. They include ingredients that are not necessarily called for in your recipes. Our intent is to give your cooks flexibility to personalize their dishes, or even freelance and create a dish that is not on the menu.

Hot & Cold Drinks

Plenty of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate is available every breakfast and dinner (extra in winter). Regular coffee is provided (decaf on request), as well as black and herbal teas, with sugar, non-sugar sweetener and honey to sweeten your drinks. Fresh cream is available throughout your trip. Frozen juice is packed in the coolers for the first 8 days for breakfast and lunch drinks. After that we provide a variety of powdered drinks such as Gatorade, iced tea, Crystal Light and lemonade.

For the best food on the River, choose a Canyon REO Food Pack!

Be sure to visit our Pricing & Policies page for further information about costs.

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