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Oar Raft Package
Canyon Ready!

Canyon REO’s oar raft package is Colorado River ready, meeting all Park Service Requirements. Choose between 18 foot, 16 foot, 17.5 foot or 20’ self bailing rafts. Each rental includes a top of the line, outfitter and expedition rated, hypalon raft. We offer NRS and Hyside brand rafts, complete with custom built diamond plate frames set to hold either one or two large coolers or boxes (specify which). Each frame comes with a trailer frame/drop bag set-up, center deck and a rear deck(beaver board) for maximum carrying capacity.

Per Park Service requirements we include four heavy duty, counter balanced Sawyer oars, complete with ash blade and rope wrap. We include reversible oar rites on each oar to give each boater the option of having the oar in a fixed (locked) or open rotation position. Each raft will also come with a 150 qt cooler seat with padded cooler cover, two shortie paco pads for extra padding on the trailer frame, type 4 throw cushion, throw rope, minor first aid and minor repair. A barrel pump is included as well as straps for the frame plus an additional 30 straps for rigging gear.

Optional items are available for an additional charge such as cooler upgrades, full bay size aluminum boxes, aluminum captain’s boxes, water jugs, and ammo cans.

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    • Raft Package
      20' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Expedition$52.00Day
      18' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Expedition$52.00Day
      18' Oar Raft PackageHyside - Outfitter$52.00Day
      17.6' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Hualapai$52.00Day
      16' Oar Raft PackageNRS - Expedition$52.00Day
      14' Oar Raft PackageMaxxon - SB-430$52.00Day

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