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Discounts off our published rates are available: the more you rent, the more your discount. We also offer early bird discounts. Call or e-mail our office for details.

For specific pricing of rental equipment (not including any discounts you may be eligible for), please see the A La Carte section of our website.

All prices listed are in US dollars. Payments from clients outside of the United States may be wired to our bank account. Please call for information. Fees may apply.

Most of all, we want you to have a great trip and come back to Canyon REO year after year. If this is your first river trip, we know you’ll be hooked, especially when you have the support of our Canyon REO team!

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  • Deposits & Payment Schedules
    • We charge a non-refundable retainer for every trip, due when you make your reservation. Equipment and vehicles are reserved only after we receive this payment from you. This retainer is applied to your total Canyon REO outfitting cost. In addition, we require a refundable damage and fuel surcharge deposit, the amount depending on what equipment and services you order. For deposit information related to specific packages and rental items, please read below.

  • Package Pricing
    • The price of the Deluxe Outfitting Package depends on the number of people and number of days on your trip. Canyon Gear options are priced according to the actual services you require. Individual rental items are priced per item. All rental prices listed throughout our site are PER DAY rates, unless specified otherwise. Our minimum rental term is ten (10) days. Call for information about shorter rental periods.

  • Deluxe Outfitting Packages and Canyon Gear Options
    • We will provide you with an estimate of the total price prior to reserving Canyon REO equipment and services. Because trip details often change as your launch date nears, the price of your trip may vary from the original estimate. We will keep you informed of how changes will affect the total price of your trip.

      Non-refundable retainer deposit to reserve equipment and services: $750

      60-days prior to launch: Second payment of half of remaining balance.

      Final payment: Due upon your arrival at our office, if we are meeting your group in Flagstaff. For groups meeting at Lee’s Ferry, your final payment is due 7 days prior to put-in date.

  • Credit Card Payments for Packages
    • Payments by credit card are accepted for the retainer. No processing fee applies. For the second and final payments, we request and prefer payment by check or money order. If you use a credit card for these payments, the processing fee of 2% will be passed on to you.

  • National Park Service Fees
    • These fees are not included in our quotes. Please call us if you have any questions regarding how much or when to pay them.

      NPS Fees: Ninety days prior to your put-in, you owe the Park Service your permit application and a $100 per person fee. If your group size increases after the 90-day mark, the per-person fee increases to $200.

  • Damage Deposits
    • Canyon REO charges a damage deposit on all rental equipment. You are responsible for damage and loss to the equipment beyond normal wear and tear. Such damage can include, but is not limited to, any lost equipment, broken oars, blown baffles, ripped rafts, scratched ceramic water filters, etc. The amount of the damage deposit varies from $200 to $1000 depending on the package and/or equipment rented from Canyon REO.

      There are two ways to pay for the damage deposit:

      Option 1: Include it in your invoice, and pay Canyon REO the deposit with your final payment. Most trip leaders prefer that we collect the damage deposit up front. This spreads the cost of the damage deposit among all your group members. Following your trip, Canyon REO inspects the equipment and assesses the charges, if any, for damaged or lost equipment. These damages are deducted from the deposit, and the remainder is refunded to you by check.

      Option 2: Pre-authorize the damage deposit to a credit card. This method puts the onus of paying for the damage deposit on one person, and sets funds against your credit limit for the duration of your trip plus two to three weeks. Prior to your launch, Canyon REO will authorize the deposit amount to your credit card. Following the inspection of your equipment Canyon REO will clear the authorization, and charge the credit card for the actual loss or damage.

  • Satellite Phone Usage Deposit
    • If you are renting a satellite phone, we add a usage deposit of $75 to your invoice. Following your trip, we determine actual minutes used, and bill them at $2.50 per minute. We process your refund (if any) as soon as we receive the bill that includes the last day you had possession of the phone. Due to billing cycles, this may be 6-7 weeks after your take-out date.

  • Rentals and Shuttles
    • Non-refundable retainer deposit to reserve equipment and services: 10% of the estimated total, or a minimum of $200 Final Payment: Due 15 days prior to launch day

      * For invoices over $5,000 see Deluxe Outfitting and Canyon Gear Packages payment schedule.

      Credit Card Payments for rentals and shuttles

      Payments by credit card are accepted for the retainer. No processing fee applies. Payments by credit card are accepted for final payments totaling less than $1500. For payments over $1500, we request (and prefer) payment by check or money order. If you use a credit card for these payments, the processing fee of 2% will be passed on to you.

  • Fuel Surcharge
    • Given the volatility of fuel prices over the last year, we have been unable to budget for fuel costs. Our current shuttle and delivery prices are based on fuel at $3.00 per gallon for 87 octane and diesel. While fuel prices are higher than $3.00, Canyon REO will determine a fuel surcharge based on actual fuel prices and distances driven for your shuttle or delivery/pick-up. The surcharge is deducted from the damage deposit, along with any equipment damage or loss, and the remainder refunded to you or charged to your credit card.

  • Hualapai Land-Crossing Fees for all Diamond Creek Take-Outs
    • Hualapai Land-Crossing Fees: The Hualapai Tribe charges a land-crossing fee for every person, vehicle and driver (including each Canyon REO employee and vehicle) that crosses their land for a take-out or resupply at Diamond Creek. The Hualapai prefer pre-payment of these fees prior to your launch. We are happy to include these fees as part of your invoice and pay the Hualapai Tribe on your behalf.

      If you prefer to pay the Hualapai directly, they may be contacted at (928) 769-2219 or 1-800-622-4409 regarding payment. If you have any questions about these fees, please call our office.

  • Diamond Creek Road
    • Due to the poor condition of Diamond Creek Road and the occasional creek flood, it is not always possible to reach the beach, particularly during the monsoon season of July to September, and the winter months of January and February. We will make contingency plans with you if your take-out is during these months.

      Sometimes plan B means picking up groups at Pearce Ferry the day after your scheduled take-out at Diamond Creek. Canyon REO will need to charge additional fees for additional shuttles and other costs caused by poor road conditions and wash-outs of Diamond Creek Road.

  • Vehicle Shuttles
    • Due to the distances travelled and the nature of vehicles and vehicle shuttles, things happen. Very rarely, but occasionally, vehicles break down. Sometimes keys do not work, tires are flat, or batteries are run down.

      Canyon REO can and will go to great lengths to solve these problems and ensure that your river trip ends happily and you can get home as planned.

      If you want Canyon REO to take responsibility for engaging a locksmith, hiring a mechanic, or having any other problems resolved, you must provide a credit card for payment of any such emergency services. In addition to honoring payment to any outside services we have contracted on your behalf, Canyon REO will charge $25 per hour for our time spent on any additional emergency services.

      Issues to be aware of:

      - Send the right key to the right vehicle: we have received Dodge keys for Toyota cars, etc.
      - Be sure that keys to newer vehicles include the chip to bypass the security system.
      - If it takes two keys to unlock and start your vehicle, be sure to send both.
      - If your trailer requires a separate key, please send it as well.
      - Make sure your trailer is in good condition, particularly if it is going down Diamond Creek road.
      - Do not send household keys, and other unnecessary keys.
      - Please check all fluids and belts.

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